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Outstanding Website Design

Our team have been designing websites for over six years and we still love it. Not only do we love the websites we design, our clients do too!

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Technological Solutions for Small Businesses

Business leaders these days are utilising technology to maximise the efficiency of the business. Products such as inventory management, customer support, accounting software and storage facilities are some of the many ways in which efficiency can be increased. Anand's Tech Support has been designing and implementing such solutions for small businesses with years of experience. To learn more about the solutions that we offer, click below.

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A screenshot of our knowledge base. It provides a useful helping hand for a variety of issues

General Technological Solutions

We all have those head banging moments with technology where our frustration hits peak levels. At Anand's Tech Support, we provide support for such issues with our very own 'Knowledge Base'. Clients are encouraged to use this in order to maximise their technological potential.

Our Knowledge Base
client very satisfied with their website

- Client Testimonial from Cash, Currency and Payments:

Our website needs were very basic, we knew we need a functioning website to put on business cards and for email addresses but that was the scope. Anand's Tech Support and their team looked at the market and saw many other businesses who had the websites that fit the same purpose - functional over style. We decided to go for a bit more style with our website and now we have one of the most aesthetically pleasing websites of our industry.

Anand and his team have kept our website up to date with any alterations we have had being done within the next day! Thank you Anand and your team for designing such a lovely website.

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Whilst also being experts in software and hardware, Anand's Tech Support provides responsive websites for many companies. Follow through to find images and testimonials.

Cash, Currency & Payments Website

Cash, Currency & Payments

Anand's Tech Support took Cash, Currency & Payments, a startup, and designed a website to their needs to fit their needs and industry standards.

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One Fine Pallet Website

One Fine Pallet

Anand's Tech Support designed a website for One Fine Pallet, a trading company, and also designed an inventory management system as well as a customer support mechanism.

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